Guys, please spend 1.5 mins to watch this video and tell me what do you think about it…

I will say this is a really ridiculous video from the Pork Producers Council in US attempts to explain why factory pig farming is reasonable and even a good thing.
They use the cute and funny cartoons to hide all the cruel and bloody factual scenes in factory farms. They say that they put up “modern” barns to protect animals from harsh weather, illness and predators; but the fact is that these pigs never get to see the light of day. They are caged in the shabby area and darkness forever until they are killed for food.
People often said that pigs are more intelligent than dogs. In fact, they are even more intelligent than human toddlers. Their cognitive ability is even greater than most 3-year-old children. Imagine, how can you cage a 3-year-old kid in a darkness and shabby place for three years? Imagine if they are your kids, or even yourself, how would you feel?
Please support free range and organic farms, who really respects the laws of nature and use the relationships between animals, plants, insects, soil, water and habitat to create synergistic, self-supporting, non-polluting, GMO-free ecosystems.
We are not fools. DON’T FOOL US!!!

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